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My Story

Hi I'm Melanie, but those who know me call me Mel. I was born and raised in Virginia where I attended high school and college. In 2010, I obtained my B.S in Exercise Science from George Mason University with the intent to help other on their health and fitness journey.


My health and fitness journey started at a young age as I've struggled with my weight since I can remember. It became more apparent when I entered high school and was required to take a physical so I could participate in team sports. Little did I know that physical would change my life. At the age 15, I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic tipping the scale at 190lbs and my family pediatrician decided to make a deal with me. She agreed to pay me $1 for every pound I could lose, but for every pound I gained back I would have to pay her back. I can proudly say I never had to pay back the $32 she handed me back in 2002, but my health and fitness journey was far from over there.

I continued to struggle with my weight through my 20's

and it wasn't until I found CrossFit in 2014 that I was exposed to multiple different nutritional avenues. I've always had  a solid foundation on basic nutritional knowledge but I never had a program tailored to me and always found myself gaining the weight back or struggling to adhere to strict protocols. So, I decided to seek out help from a health coach and found a lot of success while working with them.


From my own  success, I found my interest shift from sharing exercise tips to sharing nutritional tips and wanting to learn more and more about nutrition. I finally decided to become a Certified Health Coach so I could broaden my nutritional knowledge and learn how to coach others through their nutritional journey. Even though my interest have shifted my intent has remained the same, in that I want to continue to help others reach their health and fitness goals through performance and nutrition. 

My Goal

My goal with Hungry Not Hungry is to promote that there is no one-size-fits-all method and that your nutritional journey will be unique to you. Whether your goals is to lose weight or perform better in the gym I will create a plan that is specifically designed for you to reach your goals and is sustainable with your lifestyle.


  • Sport Nutrition

  • Weight Loss 

  • Women's Health

  • Child/Teen Nutrition 

Education & Credentials 

Bachlor of Science in Exercise Science

Certified Primal Health Coach

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

USAW Level 1 Sport Performance Coach

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer