4 Things I've experience Since Quitting "The Pill"

Deciding to get off of the pill wasn’t an easy decision to make. I had considered quitting for months, but my excuse was always that hormonal birth control was convenient/easy and I wasn’t ready to start a family. Here’s the thing, all the things I was worried about weren’t dependent on being on the pill.

I feel like at the age of 16, as a young adult were engrained that if we have sex we will get pregant and while that is how it works, women aren’t fertile 365 days out of the year. And yes HBC makes your cycle easy but your suppressing hormones that your body needs.

While quitting HBC is freeing there are a lot of things to expect moving forward. Here are 4 things I’ve experienced since stopping “The Pill”

I Feel Happy. Even if nothing great happens. After being on the pill for 14 years, quitting HBC was so freeing for my mental health. I’ve spent essentially my whole adult like battling frequent waves of mood swings, anxiety, fatigue and persistent mental fog. This past year I’ve consistently felt confident, motivated and all around happier without the pill.

Weight Gain. This can be expected when you suppress your natural hormones for years, but even as a negative it’s allowed me to be more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve been able to clean up my eating even more and focus on delicious whole some food to fuel my body. Embrace this phase if you experience it and know that it’s only a phase.

Cramps, Craving and Bloating. I really only experienced mild symptoms on the pill. This was definitely something I wasn’t ready for but it really allowed me to come more intune with my body. Even though these symptoms aren’t the most enjoyable to experience I actually didn’t mind it and feel more empowered feeling everything.

Irregular Cycle. When I first stopped taking HBC nothing changed. My cycle was normal, mild flow and I didn’t have any typical symptoms but that was short lived. For the next 6+ months my cycle was irregular and all the above started for me. Just be prepared that it may take some time for your cycle to regulate and educate yourself with the resources around you. If you feel you need further guidance, be sure to talk with a health care provider.

Even with the negatives, quitting the pill has not only been freeing but was one of the best decisions I could have made for my physical and mental health. While quitting HBC may not be for everyone, don’t be scared to stop the only thing you know and explore your options.

Let me be clear, I’m not preaching for everyone women to get off their HBC pills and if you have other reasons for why your on it then make sure to consult with your doctor before stopping any prescription. But this has been a forbidden topic of discussion and I just want to bring more awareness for those who are looking to transition off the pill.

If you’re looking for other great resources out there on women’s health and hormone make sure to check out two of my favorites



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