BCAA Freezer Pops

I bought popsicle containers a few years back and decided it was time to pull them back out to make a post workout treat before the heats completely disappears. Even though BCAA's aren't essential to supplement, I still love them and enjoy them during or after my workouts and freezing my BCAA's.. well that's just a treat in itself!

SO even though the summer heat is winding down, your workouts should still have you feeling the heat and these BCAA freezer pops are the perfect sweet treat ending!

BACA Freezer Pops

4 Scoops Amino Energy (Or BCAA's of your choice)

12oz Water

  1. Mix BCAA's with water. Add more or less depending on how you like them.

  2. Pour Mixture into popsicle containers and freezer overnight.

  3. Enjoy Post workout when ever you want!

**The macros are minimum, not worth counting**

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