Chicken Bone Broth

What do you do with your left over meat bones? ⁠

Instead of throwing away that chicken carcass for the 100th time, give bone broth a try.⁠

Below is an easy recipe that you can use on both beef and chicken.⁠

Personally, I drink it on its own but it will serve as a great base for soups if you prefer it that way. ⁠

The recipe below is for Chicken Bone Broth and has a light and savory taste, but if you prefer hearty and rich give beef bone broth a go. Both are a great source of protein, improve gut health, boost immunity and are great for your joint health. ⁠

Chicken Bone Broth

1 Chicken carcass and all bones⁠

2 Celery Stocks⁠

2 Carrots⁠

1 Onion⁠

2 Bay Leafs ⁠

1.) Put all ingredients in a Crockpot⁠

2.) Set on low for 10 hours or longer. The longer the it cooks the better the broth. ⁠

3.) Strain to remove bones and veggies (if you prefer). ⁠

4.) Pour and enjoy!⁠

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