Macro Friendly Margarita

When tracking food I never really explored the cocktail scene and the possibilities there are when it comes to macro friendly drink options, but the summer temps have gotten me inspired to create and experiment with different cocktail concoctions.

Here is a take on a classic, the margarita. By switching out just a few ingredients I was able to make a normally sugar filled drink under 80 cals with zero sugar. Not only is this macro friendly but it’s hydrating and refreshing allowing you to have more than just one!

Macro Friendly Margarita

-1 Shot Tequila

-½ Shot Triple Sec

-Sparkling Flavored Water - Grapefruit, lime or lemon



- Pour Tequila and Triple Sec over ice.

- Fill 12 oz cup right below the rim with sparkling flavored water.

- Top with fresh squeezed lime.

- Stir and Enjoy!

12FL oz - 72 Cals - 19g Carbs or 8g Fat

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