Protein Seed Bites

Earlier this week I brought on the topic of seed cycling. I myself struggled to take my seeds daily and wanted to come up with a recipe that was tasty and allowed me to get the seeds down in one bite because let be real eating raw, unsalted seeds wasn’t something to look forward to. Change the seeds up for the different phases and give it a try!

Protein Seed Bites

2 scoops Whey Protein (Vanilla 100% isolate)

2 tbsp Sugar Free Maple Syrup

½ cup Raw Pumpkin Seeds (ground)

½ cup Raw Flaxseeds (ground)

½ cup Almond Butter or peanut butter

1.) Start by grounding the seeds in a food processor.

2.) Next, add all the ingredients and mix until;l fully incorporated.

3.) Scoop and roll into small bite size balls. Store in refrigerator and enjoy!

Makes 15 bite-sized balls - Serving Size 1 bite-sized ball - 129 cals - 10F - 5C- 11P

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