Simple Turkey & Beef Enchiladas

Still having trouble figuring out recipes to meal prep for the week... I always try to keep it simple but simple doesn’t have to be baked chicken breast w/ seasoning and a side of veggies. After years of preparing food for the week ahead I need something to look forward to at lunch. This not only helps me get through the day but let’s me get excited about what I’m eating. Give these simple turkey & beef enchiladas a try if you want something to look forward to for the week!

Simple Turkey & Beef Enchiladas

½ lb - Lean Ground Turkey

½ lb - 90/10 Ground Beef

1 - Cup Chopped Onion

1 - Cup Chopped Bell Peppers

3 - Cup Fresh Spinach

8 - Large Whole Grain Wraps

1-12oz Can Enchilada Sauce

2 - Cups Shredded 2% Mexican Cheese, divided

1 - Cup Salsa

1 - Cup Shredded Lettuce

Handful Cilantro

Step 1: Chop up 1 onion, bell pepper & spinach.

Step 2: Cook onion & peppers for 5 minutes. Add ground turkey & beef to the pan and cook all the way through. Add spinach last and stir all ingredients together.

Step 3: Dip whole grain tortilla in enchilada sauce wiping excess off with fingers. Stuff with turkey & beef mixture and veggie mixture. Repeat for 7 more times. Sprinkle cheese on top when completed.

Step 4: Bake on 375 degrees for 20-30 minutes. Top with lettuce, salsa & avocado.

Makes 8 Serving

I paired this meal with a side of cauliflower rice mixed with corn and some asparagus.

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