Stuffed Peppers

Do you need more veggies in your life? How about a hearty meal that not only fills you up but is low on carbs but still satisfying? Then this stuffed pepper recipe is going to be your next go to for meal prep.

Stuffed Peppers 1lb Lean ground beef 90/10 1lb Lean ground turkey 93/7 4 Peppers - Green, Red, Orange or Yellow 1 Onion - Chopped 3 Cup Raw Spinach 4 Cloves of garlic 2 cups Tomato Sauce 1 Package Cream Cheese Mozzarella Cheese (to top) Salt & Pepper Step 1: Add ground beef & turkey to pan and cook on medium heat until cooked through. Step 2: Add pasta sauce, garlic, onion, spinach and salt/pepper and cook for an additional 5-10 minutes. Step 3: Slice peppers into half and place them in a baking dish or on a large sheet pan. Step 4: Add 2 tbsp of cream cheese to the inside of each pepper. Then add beef mixture evenly to each pepper. Step 5: Cook on 35 for 25 minutes. Step 6: Top with a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese and enjoy! Makes 8 Serving

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