3 Tips For A Sweet But Healthy Halloween

With Halloween just a few days away, here are a few tips and tricks to get you through that candy filled night or those tricky Halloween parties this weekend!

1.) Balance your meals during the day. Whether your planning to attend a Halloween party this week or it's Halloween night make sure the rest of your day is as nutritionally sound as possible. Make sure not to skip meals in lure of extra calories later, you’ll want to keep your hunger down so you don't overindulge in candy later.

2.) Get moving. Make sure to get a workout in that day to offset some of the treats you may consume. If you can't make it to the gym that day get some extra steps in throughout the day! It's a great day to hit that 10K step goal.

3.) Have Fun. Halloween is only once a year. So don't feel guilty if you indulge a little in some sweet treats for one night. Just make sure you move on and get right back on track with your eating the following day.

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